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Third round at Cedar Lake Indoor Motocross Winter Series Saturday

Cedar Lake Speedway’s Winter Arena Motocross Series will resume Saturday with a full slate of Division races. This will be the next to last round after the opening round in mid-December so riders will be looking to close up a gap on the front runners.

The 250C class sees Riley Fisher leading the way after he powered his KTM to the points. His 25 points however leaves his just three clear of Elliot Bennett on his Yamaha and third with 20 points is James Orres, also on a KTM.

In the 85cc 9-12 Year Old Division, Jamison Mutschler won on his KTM and Cain Larson is a close second on his Yamaha while Milo Maas sits third on a KTM.

Blake Essig led the 11 racers in the 50cc Oil Injection 4-8-Year-Old Division. Grady Junke will be looking to climb one more spot following his second place showing and third place place so far belongs to Weston Otto. All three in his Division are racing Cobras.

In the Veteran 30+ Division, Dan Holmes leads on his Suzuki with Joe Mueller second on an HSK and Scott Mericle third on a Kawasaki.

The 85cc 9-11-Year-Old Division was won at the first event by Kai Morgan on a KTM with the Yamaha-powered Cain Larson second and third spot going to Landon Whitney on a KTM.

In the 50cc Junior 4-6-Year-Old group, Drake Savelkowl leads the way with Weston Otto second and Blake Essig third. The top six in this 14-racer division are all on Cobras.

The Schoolboy 12-16-Year-Old Division has James Orres in front on a KTM with Elliot Bennett second on his Yamaha and third place going to Zaine Randell on a KTM.

Austin Klenast leads the 15-29-Year-Old Division with Max Millis second heading into Saturday, both on Kawasakis. Third place belongs to Brian Kinczfogel on a KTM.

In the 65cc 10-11-Year-Old Division, Luke Vsetecka powered his Kawasaki to the front with Morgan Schauderaff second on a Honda and third place so far belongs to Ryker Schneider on a Yamaha.

Pitbike leader after the first round is Ryan Erickson on a KTM while Lucas Menzel powered his Kawasaki to the runners up spot and Justin Davis is third on his Yamaha.

Zaine Randall leads the 85cc 12-15-Year-Old Division on his Kawasaki with Jamison Mutschler second and Milo Maas third, both on KTMs.

The 14-racer 50cc Open 4-8-Year-Old Division is led by Nico Trkla on a Cobra with Emerson Schutter second on a KTM and Brody Kratt third on his Cobra.

Austin Kienast carries the lead into Saturday in the Open A Division on his Kawasaki with Brandon Biggs second on a Yamaha and Rich Nichol next on a Yamaha.

The Open B Division is led by Dylan Smith on a Yamaha with Triston Bell second on an HSK and Dan Holmes third on a Suzuki.

The Senior +40 Division is led so far by Scott Mericle on a Kawasaki with Nathan Lekson second on a KTM and Eric E. Garvey third on his UNK.

The 50cc Senior 7-8-Year-Old group sees Nico Trkla leading the way on a Cobra, Emerson Schutter second o a KTM and third place so far goes to Lincoln Paxton on a Cobra.

Landon Whitney powered his KTM to top position in the 65cc 7-11-Year-Old division with Carson Wittman second on an HSK and third spot goes to James Schaffer on a KTM.

Ryan Erickson leads the 250-A Division on a KTM ahead of Brandon Biggs on a Yamaha. In the 250-B its Dylan Smith leading on a Yamaha, Triston Bell second on an HSK and Max Mills next on his Kawasaki.

The Open C group is led so far by Bryan Setzepfandt on a Kawasaki with Izaak Farrell second on his KTM and Brandon Hick third on a Yamaha.

In the Masters +50 Division, Jim Nelson leads on a KTM with a pair of Yamahas ridden by Tim Rhode and Jerry Turnbull in hot pursuit.

Lexi Dyekman powered her Honda to top spot in the Women 12+ Division, Sophia Johnson next on a Kawasaki and Bella Johnson third on her KTM.

The 65cc 7-9-Year-Old Division is led by Kai Morgan with Landon Whitney next and James Schaffer third, all on KTMs.



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